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“Because of Martha’s knowledge and counsel, our house sold more quickly than we could have imagined – despite being newly designated in a flood zone. Martha studied the town engineer’s maps, walked every corner of our property, and ultimately helped us reverse the flood zone designation. We have never met a real estate agent who measures up to Martha’s dedication to putting the client first.” K.E. and R.E.

“We have been Martha’s clients through many transactions. We are loyal to Martha because she knows the nuances impacting property values such as wetlands, flood zones, setbacks, and buried oil tanks. She was sensitive to our privacy, always professional, and great at marketing. Martha attention to details leveraged our negotiation process and safeguarded us financially.” D.M. and A.F.

“Martha changed my perception about what a buy-side agent can do for you. She played the role of business partner more than agent, working late into the night on occasions. She saved us stress and made us feel confident we were doing the right thing in all respects." T.F.

“I worked with another realtor for two years, wasting weekends looking at houses that did not meet my criteria. Then I met Martha. From the start she was professional, knew the market – sometimes even the history of a property. Martha quickly found me the perfect house, but another buyer outbid me. She fought for me with the listing agent, as a serious back-up bidder. Two weeks later, Martha called to tell me that the first deal fell through and the house was mine!” B.H.

SOUND COUNSEL IS THE GUIDING PRINCIPLE BEHIND MARTHA’S WORK. She skillfully investigates properties ahead of negotiation, to remedy issues that jeopardize deals. She studies process nuances to win in multiple-offer scenarios … digs for details that leverage property values … smooths out glitches that derail deals. Thirteen trades on her own homes have sensitized Martha to the needs of buyers and sellers in deal-making. It informs her negotiations, to streamline closings. Grateful sellers and buyers value Martha’s advice in the same way they trust counsel from attorneys, doctors, and financial advisors.

A LASER FOCUS ON FINANCIAL PROFIT FOR CLIENTS LEADS MARTHA to uncover nuances that protect assets and build significant dollar rewards. Martha has helped clients redistrict homes out of highly regulated and costly FEMA flood zones. She has guided others to reduce taxes through town appeals processes. And she has built profit for homeowners through land donation to non-profits.

SOUND REAL ESTATE PRACTICE IS A CALLING THAT STARTED AT HOME. Martha’s passion to buy-renovate-sell has netted steady, substantial profit for her across nine homes in three states, even in down markets. Martha and husband Thad now own an antique, three-residence property in the heart of Westport’s largest historic district. The property, which they saved from ruin and are still restoring, is listed in the National Historic Registry. Martha’s astute financial plan for the property includes flexibility for one or more of its dwellings to deliver recurring, substantial rental income that repays the cost of the project and yields profit. Martha’s uncommon financial perspective is another Sound Advantage for you.

MARTHA’S VETTED LIST OF EXPERTS CUT THROUGH RED TAPE. Local connections – many gained through firsthand use – cut across trades, land use experts, town municipal staff and others that Martha makes available exclusively to her clients. Buyers and sellers appreciate that Martha’s Sound Network saves them time, money, and risk.

SOUND DECISIONS UNDERPIN MARTHA’S LIFE. A 40-plus year marriage … three married children with new babies … lifelong friendships … deep roots in the community … and years of outreach projects through her church. Martha is also the long-term captain and organizer of her social tennis group. Everything about Martha reflects her deep commitment to Sound Relationships.

BRINGING PEOPLE TOGETHER THROUGH TEAMWORK IS MARTHA’S APPROACH. Her straight talk and friendly manner put clients at ease. Martha prioritizes a client-centric, collaborative process that includes mortgage lenders, attorneys, home stagers and other key partners. This approach brings sellers and buyers together in win-win transactions time after time. Martha’s quiet confidence, business-based analytics, roll-up-your-sleeves entrepreneurism, creative thinking, and tenacious problem-solving builds team spirit. Martha brings a Sound Track Record to every deal she makes.

Personal Perspective  I have resided in Texas, New York, California, Georgia, Illinois, and Connecticut. My husband Thad and I have lived mostly in Westport since 1986, raising 3 kids in the public school system.

Awards & Certifications  Thanks to a dedicated client base, I have consistently ranked among the Top Coldwell Banker agents in Connecticut-Westchester County region, and achieved recognition such as top 1000 internationally,  International President's Circle, International Diamond Society, International Sterling Society.  During 2008-12, I served on Coldwell Banker’s top-ranked team that repeatedly received the International President’s Elite Team designation, awarded to the top 2% of Coldwell Banker Teams internationally.

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Providing sound counsel to clients is the guiding principle behind my work with home buyers and sellers in the upscale Long Island Sound enclaves of Westport, Fairfield and surrounding towns. I call upon my market knowledge, extensive construction experience, corporate credentials, technological savvy, and passionate sense of community to deliver soundly considered, soundly negotiated transactions for every client. My work as a contractor on 9 homes of my own, informs me about zoning, historic renovation, new construction, flood zone issues and more. My perspective as a landlord-investor further differentiates me. This rare combination has built my reputation as resolver of complex issues and is why my sellers and buyers value my advice as a full partner in their transactions. I investigate each property ahead of negotiation, to remedy issues that otherwise jeopardize deals. I study process nuances to win multiple-offer scenarios. I have helped clients redistrict homes out of highly regulated, costly FEMA flood zones. I have come alongside clients through town appeals processes to reduce taxes. I have built profit for homeowners through land donation to non-profits. I smooth out glitches that derail deals and laser-focus on financial profit for clients.

My sound business foundation is grounded in my early career in the ad industry with clients such as McDonald's, M&M Mars, and The Gillette Company. There I honed analytic skills that still apply to refining market strategy. My passion to buy-renovate-sell homes has netted steady, substantial profit for my own family across 9 homes  in 3 states, even in down markets.  Insights from that success seasons my advice to buyers and sellers, and includes my personally-vetted network of experts who cut through red tape that complicates deals. My local connections cut across trades, land use experts, town municipal staff and others who I make available exclusively to my clients. My 2021 appointment to a 5-year term on the Westport Historic District Commission recognizes my depth of knowledge and community passion. Client testimonials speak to my market knowledge, depth of service, and commitment to fulfill client objectives. Providing sound counsel is my passion.

I am licensed across Connecticut and primarily work in Westport, Weston, Wilton, Norwalk and Fairfield.

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